Pontus Schultz Foundation for a more humane economy

The overall purpose of Pontus Schultz foundation for a more humane economy is to support the changes Pontus Schultz wanted to see in the business world : to increase diversity and equality and to better utilize our planet’s resources.

The foundation started in 2012 as a reaction when Pontus Schultz passed away in a bike accident celebrating his 40th birthday. He was a journalist and publicist, and a brave innovator of business journalism. By illuminating the link between business benefits and key social issues such as sustainability, diversity and equality, he created venues where business leaders, experts, politicians, opinion leaders and others jointly discussed, brought knowledge and took responsibility.

Pontus viewed business as a good force in society and the foundation encourages initiatives to work in this direction – towards a more humane economy.

The foundation recognizes and rewards individuals that contribute to a more humane business environment, with a prize, which is awarded annually. The foundation particularly promotes and encourages efforts made in the spirit of entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

Previous awardees include:

2013, Antonia Ax:son Johnson, owner and board member at the Axel Johnson Group

2014, Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M

2015, Martin Lundstedt, CEO of AB Volvo

2016, Cilla Benkö, CEO of Swedish Radio


About Pontus Schultz foundation for a more humane economy


The Board of Directors at Pontus Schultz foundation for a more humane economy consist of some of the most influential business leaders in Sweden including Michael Wolf, Chairman Stockholms Handelskammare, Johan Rockström, Director and Professor at the Stockholm Resilience Center, Hans Stråberg, chairman of Atlas Copco, Eva Swartz Grimaldi, chairman of the board at Nordstedts Förlagsgrupp, Sara Öhrvall, chairman of the board at Pontus Schultz Foundation and board member of Investor, Mattias Fyrenius, CEO at Nobel Media, Lisen Schultz, Pontus wife and PhD at Stockholm Resilience Centre and Carl Forsström, brother to Pontus and founder of Beachfront Communications.

The award ceremony, and the annual seminar arranged in connection to the ceremony, is an important meeting place for top representatives of the Swedish economy, politics, academia and culture, as well as key experts in the world concerned with increased diversity, equality and sustainability. 

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